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Loved by people who value time and attention.

David wheeler
David Wheeler
Tech / R&D Brand Manager
at Potandon

I've cut down my time at least by half by using Handpick

I work for a very busy produce company where we always seem pinched for time to get everything done.

One of my jobs is to clip industry-related articles, categorize them, and then forward those articles to different groups of people. This is done weekly and I literally go through hundreds of articles during the week building up these emails.

Before Handpick, I would cut/paste into a word document and then add the URL.

With Handpick I've cut down my time at least by half if not more.

David offers a tip:
Once I've set up my categories, all I have to do is highlight a relevant section of the article, click on the Handpick button and article title, source, URL, and the section I highlighted all gets copied.

No more cutting, pasting, formatting - life is good.

I had been looking for a service like this for months before coming across Handpick.

This is a must have for anyone tired of clipping endless articles.

Jill Carpenter
Managing Director,
Decision Calculus Associates

I share competitive intelligence and develop long term relationships with my accounts using Handpick.

I wear many hats, Marketing Consultant, Pro Photographer, Tech Blogger, Researcher, and Mom, to name a few.

Like the man in the children’s story, as soon as I take off one hat, another appears. I enjoy wearing many hats because I like learning new things. I also like to share information. A thorough analysis would probably reveal this goes back to my “everything is related” liberal arts education. I’d like to share a tool that helps me keep my circle of fellow multi-hat wearers informed: Handpick.me.

Whether I’m wearing the hat of well meaning friend, helicopter parent, self-proclaimed pundit or authentic maven, Handpick makes sharing my wisdom easy, personalized and productive.

As a Marketing Consultant: I use Handpick to share competitive intelligence. I can share the latest updates and have a chronological record to refer to when I need to quickly figure out when something was introduced or a pivotal event occurred. Additionally, every member of a work group can add and share content.

Individualized Marketing:
Handpick also makes it easier to develop long term relationships with my accounts. Without interrupting my normal workflow, I use Handpick to create a newsletter of relevant content. Highlighted text is included in the digest and I can add a quick comment for perspective. Handpick creates a predictable digest with my take on the content, and automatically sends it daily or weekly.

I'd love to have you as a happy customer too.
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Dennis ashendorf
Dennis Ashendorf
Online Math Teacher

I establish even more trustworthy relationships when I use Handpick

While Groups leverage your time and power, I've found that making a one member group for each of my friends, relatives and coworkers extremely useful and fun.

I frequently send key links to my managers, educators, and business colleagues, and over time, I include a few more personal links.

As a result, I have more trustworthy relationships not only with friends, but also with people with whom I work.

Nick demey
Nick De Mey
Board of Innovation

I inspire my clients using Handpick

At Board of Innovation we work hard to inspire our clients with the latest trends in business innovation.

Instead of mailing every possible article to our client I now use the Handpick tool.

With one mail a day I can inform specific clients on the latest relevant news, handpicked and targeted to their interests.

I just love the simplicity of this service!

I'd love to have you as a happy customer too.
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Jacob greer
Jacob Greer
Student, Researcher and

I can better target specific communities and individuals to benefit from my research by using Handpick

Handpick has been a great addition to my workflow.

Allowing me to extend the research I collect on a weekly basis, I send out emails with notes and quotations from important research on a variety of research topics for technology research in emergency management and humanitarian causes.

Using Google Reader for organizing different feeds, Flipboard for adding articles to Instapaper, and Buffer and Handpick to communicate the research to interested organizations, the research is spread in an effective way.

Unlike Pinterest, which I use casually for general sharing, Handpick allows me to target specific communities and individuals who might benefit from the research and can add notes and observations to research that might get integrated into the larger community of volunteers and professionals.

Joe johaneman
Joe Johaneman
Founder of Litcode

Handpick has helped me become closer to my friends.

I'm a developer and a writer, and soon to be a college student again. Handpick has helped me to become closer to my friends.

I use it to send them funny webcomics and videos. I find it much more useful than social media because I can address a smaller group who I know will find those items amusing. I also use it to send interesting articles to certain friends.

Joe offers a tip:

Set up a group for just yourself. I use it to send myself a whole bunch of articles related to my interests.

Since I check my email every morning, I can get to those articles and sites I find important and useful to deal with during my morning routine.

It's especially useful to send myself links to various python libraries that I want to research the next morning.

I'd love to have you as a happy customer too.
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Tim Moore
Associate Dean
Instructional Improvement
and Distance Learning,
Elgin Community College

Handpick became a part of my daily routine in just 2 days.

Every time there is a new social networking site or application that comes out, my first thought is always the same: "How can we get people to use this when we're asking people to change their work flow?"

Handpick integrates the social networking into the existing workflow of everyone, in their own personal environment (browser and e-mail); and it has tons of potential for use in facilitating online learning environments.

No new skills. No new difficulties. Just plain sharing and collaborating. Handpick became a part of my daily routine in just 2 days."

George Carpenter
CEO, CNS Response Inc.

With Handpick, my consultants no longer flood my inbox

I’ve worked with consultants that overloaded me with emails. It was clear that, thinking they were doing me a favor, they fired off an email every time they came across something on the web interesting or germane to my business.

Problem is, that turned their work into my work. Suddenly I was working for them contextualizing and organizing all their well intended communications.

With Handpick, my consultants can now give me a daily digest of things I’m interested in and I always know where to find it and how it’s organized. Best of all, I can do it when I have time, not when an inspiration hits my consultant.

I'd love to have you as a happy customer too.
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Erwin Blom
Internet Entrepreneur
from Amsterdam
Fast Moving Targets

FastMovingTargets facilitate and start discussions using Handpick

With a background as a journalist, I am fanatic about finding news and other relevant content. And as an internet junkie i know that sharing is the way to go.

Handpick.me helps me with that job. For Fast Moving Targets, our platform on innovation, we collect relevant links and distribute them to our editors and some of our users. They can add value and start a discussion.

Handpick.me is an ideal social sharing tool!

Kyle studstill
Kyle Studstill
Digital Innovation Lead
ANTHEM! Worldwide

I collect and organize stories of change, innovation and creativity using Handpick.

Hi I'm Kyle, a trends consultant in digital innovation working to build creative marketing strategies.

Part of this is collecting pieces of change, innovation, and creativity from disparate places and organizing them to tell a story about change.

I use handpick to share these pieces as I come across them daily, with specific groups thinking about specific types of things. I think a specific thing that's helped to that end is that everyone in these small groups both share the same use and know that the others in the group share the use as well.

Kyle shares a beneficial insight:

I've found it quite helpful as a tool that's separate from emailing link-by-link, to help establish the idea that "these are things I think you should look at - but don't feel compelled to respond; I'll email if I think it's important to warrant a response." I think that separation helps everyone involved, and I hope it helps the people you work with too.