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Get ready for them to love you to bits.

1. Others will know you as sincere and relevant.

Fireball handpick small

Show you really care

Pick only the right stuff for the right people.

Group people who know each other or share the same interests.

Sending a relevant link is just clicking a checkbox away.

2. They will appreciate your respect for their time and attention.

i. Bundled up into 1 single email digest

Save links throughout the day and email them in a single email digest, minimizing interruptions.

Sample digest

ii. Decide when's best to send

A good time for you to share your links might not
be the best time for another to read them.

Email delivery time

Deliver your email digest every day or
once a week on a certain day,
at your choiciest hour.

3. Appear sensibly calm and collected.

What do do when there are so many great links today? Just handpick them anyway.

i. No worries of spamming

Set a soft limit on non-time-sensitive links
to deliver in your next email digest and
Handpick will save the rest for the next delivery.

Soft limits

ii. Found a time-sensitive link?

Ensure it gets delivered in the upcoming email digest, with just a click of a checkbox.

Time sensitive